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With three decades of experience, The RainMakers Organization has developed proven, winning marketing strategies through management consulting for the most ideologically principled candidates and philanthropic organizations. We offer a wide variety of services, virtually guaranteeing there is some way we can assist you in maximizing growth potential and freeing up your time to focus less on management and more on your mission.

PAC Fundraising

The RainMakers Organization has helped to raise millions of dollars for our clients in the House and the Senate through PAC Fundraising. Many traditional fundraisers take the easy way out by only contacting the top 250 or so of the best-known PACs. Rather than merely skimming off the top, we tap into our database of more than 3,700 PACs.

Our team works to forge strong relationships between Senators, Congressmen and key PAC Directors and decision makers across the country, raising contributions through research, targeting, email and phone solicitation as well as coordination with state and district efforts, tracking, and concise follow-up. Bringing in more money creates opportunities for our clients to participate in national leadership opportunities and more.

Major Gifts

It’s no secret. 80% of your organizations' funds will come from only 20% of your donors. Therefore, it is essential for your team to have a clear approach to major gifts. Since this process is both a science and an art which can quickly pull an entire staff away from their regular, day-to-day roles, bringing in experts with years of experience in this field is an investment with a massive return on investment.

A donor’s largest gift is almost never their very first gift. The keystone of a successful fundraising program is a thorough understanding of how to grow donors from small givers to larger ones, and ultimately to transformational benefactors. We can coach and counsel your management team through this process, freeing more your team up to focus on the primary mission of your campaign.

Nationwide Event Planning

For most candidates and many organizations, there is tremendous value in hosting major events. The RainMakers organization understands the stresses of event planning. which is why we take the details of special event management off your plate. Our seasoned team designs and produces galas, awards dinners and PAC events of all kinds. Keeping your mission in mind, our experienced staff will create an event that will speak to your members and showcase your work.

Of course, this isn’t the only event your members will be attending this year, so it’s imperative your event makes a unique and lasting impression. Our project managers are experienced in event management and event production services. We offer an expansive range of support in vendor negotiation and management, timing and logistics, speaker planning and preparation and of course, day-of coordination for all.

Digital Marketing Services

Over the last decade, digital marketing has become one of the most consistently reliable and effective tools for gaining organizational support. With advanced e-marketing systems, the future seems even brighter. It’s crucial to understand that while these automated systems have many, robust features, highly detailed planning is required to achieve (and analyse) their full potential.

The RainMaker team has decades of combined experience with planning and implementing these electronic communication systems for the most effective and lucrative communications. Working with "best in their class" strategic partners, these programs can be used across the broad scope of our services, including both long-term donor cultivation and emergency financial aid campaigns.

Prospect Development

Our unique, in-house database integration is one of the keys to developing custom, effective approaches to each prospective donor. We will work with your team as they secure a prospects' very first donation, and to then quickly move them up the ladder towards becoming a major gift donor.

Once we’ve identified new prospective donors to your campaign, we manage the prospect research, track and build the pipeline of solicitation, and create unique strategies for each prospect. These strategies may be as simple as adding them to your regularly distributed newsletter list, inviting them to personally attend hosted events or scheduling a one-on-one visit with them at their home or office.

Planned Giving

It is likely some of the largest gifts your campaign has ever received or will ever will receive will be a result of your planed giving program. In fact, bequests total more than $22 billion each year in the United States. Developing and implementing a planned giving program is of paramount importance to your future income.

It’s not uncommon for you or your staff to have reservations about having a conversation about death with your donors. So let our experienced staff at The RainMakers Organization be there to guide you. Our four-step process begins with having the appropriate conversations with your donors about planned giving while walking them through the sometimes complicated process and explaining the benefits.

Donor Cultivation and Stewardship

Fundraising should always be donor-centric. In fact, what you are saying to your donors year-round is the base which supports an ask for a major gift. Spending the time to properly thank your supporters after a contribution is just one way to steward relationships.

Our management consulting will teach you to look at donor engagement in a different way, and your campaign will increase overall donor engagement and satisfaction. Then, by developing results-oriented donor relation strategies, you will drastically increase the likelihood of closing future major and planned gifts. Your cultivation will involve a precise focus on your ability to discuss the meaningful ways donor investments are being put to good use.

Candidate Call Sessions

The RainMakers Organization has carved out a unique niche as the go-to fundraising firm for conservative, political candidates.  Using our comprehensive database of more than 1.7 million donors, our political accounts team is capable of connecting our clients with not only the most proven and committed conservative donors in the country, but also the true grassroots supporters who will fund their campaign from day one, all the way through Election Day

Our management and highly trained staff will show you the best way to solicit major gifts by telephone.  Our Political Candidate Call Sessions are the very best way for a candidate to have a direct conversation with donors capable of making max-out contributions to their race. Additionally, our team will work directly with the candidate to help them craft the best discussion topics and provide a summary of each individual donor before the candidate speaks to the donor on the phone. After the call, our staff will take on the full workload of following up on the call, processing a gift or chasing down an important pledge.

Split Testing

Also known as A/B testing, split testing is one of the best ways to look at the communication you have with your donors from a scientific perspective. For nearly 30 years, The RainMakers Organization is always combing through thousands of data points and synthesizing the results to leverage data for giving sound advice for the communication verbiage, method and medium of your organization.

Most firms with expertise on major donor fundraising programs have never had the opportunity to market lists in large enough quantities to produce authoritative and statistically predictive results. On the other hand, many direct response marketers haven't a clue how to put together a major donor program. The RainMakers organization brings both of these components to the table.

Staying up-to-speed with the best communication strategies needs to be a top priority for your development staff. However, this does not always mean you need to be using the newest, shiniest technologies to carry out your communications. Every organization has a unique donor base, and those individuals each have their own preferred means of contributing. This is why repeatedly testing your communications and evaluating results will keep your campaign poised to maintain a hefty and consistent income stream from your solicitations.

Direct Mail

To be successful, a solicitation absolutely must have three components. First, the package must grab the readers’ attention. Then, the letter must tell your organizations’ story clearly and convincingly. And lastly, it must motivate the reader to act in the exact way you want them to. In most instances, this action would be mailing a contribution back to your campaign.

Our comprehensive knowledge of every phase of direct marketing production combined with the long-term relationships we’ve cultivated with proven strategic partners give The RainMakers both the know-how and the clout to make sure your job is produced and delivered right on-time, at maximum cost effectiveness.

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