Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our staff at The RainMakers Organization comes from a diverse background of experiences and skill sets to collectively work with your organization, building and implementing an ideal fundraising strategy for your immediate needs as well and your long term goals.

As Founder and President of The RainMakers, Stephen brings with him more than 3 decades of management and marketing experience working with philanthropic, lobbying, and political organizations as well as candidates for Congress — particularly the U.S. Senate. His career has been guided by a steadfast commitment to his conservative principles and a razor-sharp focus on project, time and task management.

At the age of 16, Stephen (then a sophomore undergrad) was nominated to serve on President Reagan's representative to all college students across the nation. He then accepted a position as Assistant to the Director of Legislation at the National Right to Work Committee. While working his way through his undergraduate studies and earning a Master’s degree at George Washington University, he while steadily climbed the organization's ranks. Ultimately he was promoted to Vice President of Membership and Corporate Affairs and Chief Financial Officer of the organization.

His tenure at the National Right to Work Committee has been marked by dramatic membership and financial growth. He is credited with transforming and expanding their state of the art, automated predictive telecommunication call center from 16 to 128 employees and building from scratch the Committee’s first comprehensive major donor outreach and personal presentation tour program. The major donor program Mr. Goodrick kicked off in 1994 peaked at $14 million per year, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the organization’s revenue stream.

In 1998, Stephen concluded there was a desperate need for good, competent conservative PAC fundraisers to help raise funds and elect true conservative candidates to Congress and that other worthy organizations could benefit from the strategies he had developed at the National Right to Work Committee.

This was when The RainMakers came to life, powered by a “Pedal to the Metal Profit Maximization Strategy” which raised over $3.6 million for his first Senate client and forever changed the game of PAC fundraising in DC.

Through the years, Stephen has worked directly with many of the premiere national organizations and most generous philanthropists around the nation, stewarding many of the largest gifts ever contributed to RainMakers’ clients.

Flash forward to today, under Stephen’s leadership the RainMakers continue to push the envelope (literally!), staying ahead of the competition in fundraising strategies and working hand-in-glove with each individual client and using all the tools of the trade — a blend of direct mail, telemarketing, major donor outreach, in-person tour presentations and internet marketing — to create a tailored strategy to maximize their fundraising revenue.

Fred Cooper

Vice President for Political Accounts

Frederick (Fred) Lewis Cooper, IV started on the ground floor with The Rainmakers Organization in 2009. Not long after, we was promoted to serve as the company’s Director of Political Accounts since and now holds the title of Vice President for Political Accounts.

Born and raised in a conservative Christian family in Mansfield, Ohio, Fred first caught the political bug after staying up until 4am (on a school night) to watch the results of the 2000 Presidential election. His commitment to a career in politics was cemented four years later as a student at the University of Toledo as a volunteer for President Bush’s re-election in the nation’s most pivotal swing state.

While in college, Fred served as President of College Republicans and also a started a campus organization to raise money for local wounded veterans, which would prove his first experience in fundraising. After working on and managing several local political races, Fred was hired on as a Regional Victory Coordinator for the Ohio Republican Party and John McCain’s Presidential campaign. He then worked for a short time as a Field Representative with The Leadership Institute before joining The Rainmakers Organization.

Fred was initially drawn to The Rainmakers Organization for its success in raising money for organizations supporting wounded veterans and the most principled conservative candidates and organizations.

Since 2009, The Rainmakers Organization has enabled Fred to work exclusively for conservative candidates and organizations, and has raised over $10 million for candidates, organizations, and Super PAC’s since becoming Director of Political Accounts division at The Rainmakers.

One of Fred’s passions is taking on Republican-In-Name-Only “RINO” Members of Congress and candidates and incentivizing them into an election year conversion to conservatism or defeating them outright. Of the five incumbent “RINO” Senators that have received less than 50% of the vote in their own primary since 2012, Fred and his team at Rainmakers have been a vital part of all five of those races, and he relishes being a member of what in 2012 Politico called the “incumbent takedown industry.”

Fred is firmly committed to fighting for and putting the principles that made America great above the Swamp creatures of either political party.

Chelsea Mason Summa

Senior Account Manager

Chelsea joined the RainMakers Organization in early Spring of 2015. She brought with her experience fighting for the 2nd amendment and working on grass-root insurgent senate candidate campaigns.

Chelsea originally began her RainMakers tenure working out of our Fairfax, Virginia office where her previous experience and unmatched work ethic drove her to a quick promotion to account executive, where she has excelled ever since. She has a tremendous passion for ensuring that non-profit organizations have the funds necessary to achieve their most vital programs. Due in part to this passion, she excels at bringing in major gifts from some of the nation’s most generous philanthropists.

Her dedication and devotion to these causes is what has allowed her to pioneer The RainMakers Organization’s “Virtual Office Initiative”. Since moving back to her southern roots in 2016 she has continued to build on her impressive RainMaker resume while working remotely from home offices in both Florida and South Carolina.

From these offices she remains one of the most effective telecommunications experts and continues to demonstrate her unique ability at scheduling donor visits with impassioned executives and true grass-roots leaders for our non-profit clients. Additionally, she remains on call to travel anywhere in the country to visit with donors regarding major programs that our clients are gearing up for and need funding.

James Abrahamsen

Senior Account Manager

James Abrahamsen has been working with The RainMakers Organization since 2015 and serves as an Accounts Manager for multiple political and philanthropic accounts.

James is a Northern Virginia native who grew up in nearby Vienna, Virginia before attending Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. While in college, James helped lead the College Republicans and got his first experience working for campaigns at the state and federal government levels.

Since joining the RainMakers Organization, James has been instrumental in crafting strategies to secure donor visits with hundreds of our clients’ most established donors and top prospective targets. His experience meeting with donors face to face has not only resulted in drastically increased donor support, but also invaluable donor cultivation.